About Us

We are a bunch of random people who were united by our interests in traveling the world. Coincidentally, we graduated from the same faculty in the same university. Therefore, even after graduation, we meet once a while to travel together. However, the funny thing is although we live in the same city, Jakarta, often the only time we meet is either at the airport or at our travel destination – as everyone is busy doing their own things.

There are 9 of us, however up til now only 7 of us who ever wrote in this blog (I will revise this after the other 2 start writing). In each of the writing here, we give our initials (eff, npa, ra, pww, ar, fst, ri) so we won’t forget who wrote what.

We believe that “The world is a book, and those who don’t travel, read only a page.” – St. Augustine.628170582405-1366557642



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