Half-Day Trip to Loch Lomond

Greetings lovely readers! Spring has come to Scotland! Yes, finally I can see the real beauty of Glasgow under the constant sun that we’re having more regularly now! This time I’m going to take you to one of the must-visit-places if you happen to visit Scotland or Glasgow in particular, the Loch Lomond. Loch Lomond or Lake Lomond is a huge lake/national parks (Trossachs) located a little bit to the north of Glasgow. As I did my research before going to Loch Lomond, I realize that there are so many spots of interest to choose from and so many activities to do at the lake. Since it was my first time to Loch Lomond, I decided on a half-day trip to the closest point from Glasgow, the Balloch Village. This time I’m accompanied by my friend, Savannah.

Balloch Station – Alight here for Loch Lomond

To go to Balloch Village from Glasgow, we took a train from Partick train station (5.50 pound for round trip) and arrived 40 minutes later in Balloch. The Balloch train station is located so close to the lake. Right across the street is the Tourist information centre, so we paid a visit to grab a map of the surrounding area. First, we decided to walk towards Balloch Castle located in Balloch Castle Country Park. As we walk towards the castle, we were greeted by many Scottish people who were just walking with their dogs enjoying the day by the lake. The scenery along the way was incredible. It was sunny the whole time we were there, so we enjoyed the walk very much. Unfortunately, the castle was closed to visitors so we can only enjoy it from the outside. But we didn’t mind as the view just behind the castle was spectacular. Honestly, nothing can ruin your mood in such a sunny and beautiful day.


Balloch Castle


Cheers from Loch Lomond!



It took about one and half hour to walk around the park. I thought of having lunch at some restaurant inside the park but there was no restaurant in the park so we found our way back to the village and had lunch at a local pub (Savannah had lunch, I only had beer). The pub is dog friendly, there was a dog sitting next to our table while we were having lunch. The local people were watching a football match through the pub’s television and the shout occasionally whenever the team player made a goal.

After lunch, we decided to explore the other side of the lake. We walked toward the Sea Life Centre which is not so far from the Tourist Information Centre. (Unfortunately, at this point my cellophone battery is finished, so I couldn’t take any more picture). There is also a shopping mall near the Sea Life Centre and Loch Lomond Shore where you can get a very nice view of Ben Lomond. I did some shopping as usual, postcards and fridge magnet (as I collect them) and enjoy some more of the beautiful scenery of Loch Lomond Shore. We start walking back to the village soon after and concluded the trip before the sun set. To some up, we spent a nice day by leisurely walking around Loch Lomond, meeting some Scottish people and their dogs, and taking pictures.




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