Skiing at Mount Rokko

I’ve always wanted to try skiing someday. The chance to try it came when I was studying in Japan. On one sunny winter in January 2013, I discovered that there’s a Ski resort located in Mount Rokko, Kobe. Not too far from the place where I studied. So after gathering some information on the internet about the resort, I went there with some of my friends, none of us have ever tried Ski before.

We lived in Kansai International Center located in Tajiri Town. That’s just a station away from Kansai International Airport. First we had to reach Kobe city. We had 2 options, by train that will take probably 2 hours, or by ferry that will only take us around 1 hour to reach the city of Kobe. We chose the second option. Reaching the city was the easy part. From the Kobe harbour we were transfered to Kobe Station and from there we had to change train to Rokko station and take another bus to the resort. The total travel time was approximately 4 hours. I never expected to take this much time just to reach the ski resort. But at least we arrived. Haha.

Half way to the Ski Resort
Half way to the Ski Resort


Asking for direction.
Asking for direction

To reach the resort, visitors could use the special train service that will bring visitors straight to the bus terminal on the mountain. At the other end of the special train, we had to take another bus to the Ski Resort. We departed at 7 in the morning and arrived at 11 in the afternoon.


The entrance fee to the resort was 2500 Yen. I thought this was the only amount of money that we’ll have to spend at the Ski Resort. But I was wrong. The price to rent the Skiing gear was another thing. To rent the Ski gear along with the clothing was 5000 Yen! It was quite expensive, but we couldn’t turn back so we paid the amount. The first problem I encountered was the Ski clothes. I had to change 3 times to find the trousers that fits my fat body. The second problem was finding the right ski shoes for my first ski experience. And the last one, the most important one, I had to figure out by myself how to slide using the ski gear.

At the changing room of the Ski Resort

I thought it’ll be easy. In fact, it was reaaaaally hard just to stand up by yourself from sitting position while using a ski gear. Secondly, it was reaaally hard to walk or slide while wearing the ski board as well. Once I slided down the low hill, it’ll be a problem climbing up the hill (eventhough the hill was low). We should’ve take a beginner lesson. The only person able to master sliding and stopping while using the gear was Fira. The other 4 girls failed miserably (except maybe Nazik who had better control over herself while sliding than us). But at least I got some nice pictures of myself in skiing gear. Hehe.

Sleeping on the snow. Not. They just fell.


As I stated before, it was reaally hard climbing up the hill while wearing the ski gear so we used to elevator instead. It was a short ride but it was fun. There was no brake when riding the elevator. So we had to be ready to sit when the chair came and jump right away after we reached the other end of the elevator. Otherwise we will be taken back to the starting point of the elevator.

The Ski Elevator


We close the day by having some hot ramen on our way back to the center. This time we ride the train to go back because we missed the last boat from Kobe to Kansai Airport. It was a tiring day, but we had so much fun having our first ski experience. (npa)


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