Christmas Market

On my way back to Jakarta from a business trip in the eastern Europe, I got to transit for one night in Vienna. It was December 2013. In the plane from Moldova to Vienna, I read an article about the tradition of christmas market in Austria, and so I decided to visit one of the market as soon as I landed.

I landed in Vienna at around 5 PM and proceed (read: Vienna and Drama) to my hostel. After putting my stuff at the hostel I went to one of the market in front of the Rathaus. Surprisingly, it was quite easy for me to find the place due to my previous experience of getting lost.


The market was pretty crowded but It was gorgeous! I can feel the christmas spirit floating in the air. In the center of the square in front of the Rathaus, stand tall and mighty a huge and beautiful christmas tree decorated with lights and little ornaments. Surrounding the christmas tree, there were many stalls selling various kinds of goods, food, and drinks. I had to stop myself from buying sweets or drinks in each stalls. They looked so good!




The tree was not the only attraction in the market. Walking a little bit further to the streets, one will find lights arranged so beautifully along the streets. I found a robot performance in the park performing christmas songs to the passerbies. If you look up, you’ll find lights and ornaments arranged on the branches of the trees in the park as well. It was such a feast for the eyes.





I bought some finger foods to enjoy while sitting on the bench when a stranger approached me and talked in French. I looked at him questioningly and he kept speaking in French. I told him that I don’t understand and that I don’t speak French. Yet he kept talking in French to me. I tried to understand his intention by studying his gestures while staying alert to scam. I thought maybe he was just beggar  asking for small money, so I gave him 1 Euro and he left. That was weird.

Actually there were a lot of areas helding the Christmas market, not just the one in front of the Rathaus. In fact, other European countries such as Germany and the Netherlands were also helding the market starting a few weeks before and after christmas (I guess). After strolling around the market some more, I made my way back to the hostel to have some rest. (npa)


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