Mangacon and Naruto

Since last Thursday (6/11) they released the last chapter of Naruto manga, I have been feeling sad and was trying to move on from the fact that it has already ended. Despite the fact that I’m not quite happy with how it ends. Yes, the story that I have been following for the past 8 years (I’m a little bit late to know Naruto) has finally come to an end. So to cerish the moments I want to write story of when I came to the Jump Fiesta back in 2012, the first and maybe the last Jump Fiesta I’ll ever visited.

DSCF9529Jump Fiesta 2012

Jump Fiesta is a manga conference held by the manga magazine Shonen Jump every December. That year, it was held on December 22nd-23rd. I and my brother departed from Osaka in the evening by airplane. We arrived late at Tokyo and spent the night at the airport. Early in the morning we went to our hostel that was located in Nakano. I printed a map on how to get to the venue of Jump Fiesta, but it wasn’t so clear. Fortunately, the people in our hostel helped us in reading the map. So we took the train and went to the venue.

It was raining that morning, but the event was held indoor so we had no problem with the rain. There was a really long line when we arrived there. But there was another very short line. So we took that one to get into the venue. I’m not sure about the long line, but I think it has something to do with original manga submission or something. Maybe the people who were lining up wanted to become a mangaka (manga author). The entrance was free anyway. The venue consisted of 3 huge halls, each displaying different stuffs. They had giant balloons in the shape of anime characters, action figures, cosplayers, manga, CD, DVD, you name it. I recognized some foreigners as well, attending the Fiesta like I did.  I was super excited seeing all anime stuffs there.DSCF9541Schedule book of the 2 days event.

As if not wanting to miss a single booths there, we peek into each booth as some of them had a very long line to get into. We listened to some free music demo and bought some manga, music CD, and anime DVD along the way. I need to rethink of my spending after this as I spent quite much at that time. They held interviews in some of the booths (the one that was very crowded and had a very long line) with anime seiyuus as well. However no mangaka was seen in any of the booth. Figures, I bet they were occupied drawing manga thus they can’t come to such event.DSCF9535DSCF9546DSCF9547DSCF9559Ordering Naruto the Movie : Road to NinjaDSCF9569DSCF9572Listening to some music demo.DSCF9582DSCF9595Lining up just to have a look on the displays.DSCF9568Went on a shopping spree.DSCF9607Seiyuu event.DSCF9621Some cosplayers.DSCF9637Btw it was in the middle of winter and this was outdoor and he was bare chested. Salut to you Roronoa Zoro!DSCF9623Another one :pDSCF9628DSCF9602Some messages from Kishimoto-sensei : “The last chapters are coming up. I will do my best next year too!!” #IThink

We wandered around the halls so much especially in hall 2 as the cosplayers gathered there. I spent so much time taking pictures of them which now I regreted because in hall 3 they were holding Jump Super Stage featuring Naruto seiyuus, Junko Takeuchi (Naruto’s voice) and Sugiyama Noriaki (Sasuke’s voice). I read some information about Jump Super Stage and was hoping that any of my favorite seiyuus might come to the stage, but as soon as I stepped inside the hall earlier that morning, I completely forgot about it and were too busy exploring Hall 1 and 2.

It was a little passed lunch that me and my brother finally reached Hall 3. When we were about to sit to have our lunch, I heard Naruto’s voice in the hall. My brother told me to go to the stage, but as soon as I reached the tip of the huge crowds surrounding the stage, Junko said “Sayounara”.  CRAP.  How could I forget about this stage and went crazy in the first 2 halls. I cursed my stupidity. Can you imagine how disappointed I was at that time? Lesson learned, always read the event schedule when they gave it to you (we were given the event schedule while entering the venue but we didn’t bother to look). The rest of the day we strolled around some more of Hall 3 and then went back to our hostel. That sums up our first day in Tokyo. (npa).


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