(not so) Alay-alay goes to Kuala Lumpur

Hi all,

As a member of the random traveler’s team, I have been forcedencouraged to contribute an article to our random blog. I am not fond of writing stories, although writing about one’s experience is easier, because I just can’t get the feeling…

Yes Put, I will stop whining and start writing now.

To cut to the chase, let me tell you the story of 4 new travelers on their first journey to see the world, the story, “(not so) alay-alay goes to Kuala Lumpur” [Yes, in case anyone is wondering, this is the continuation of the article, “alay-alay goes to Singapore”]

This is our story.







Once upon a time I was slim. And then s#*t happened.


Goodbye Singapore and Hello Malaysia!

So, after a long ride on the bus, I forget how long, but long enough, yeah, I think it was quite long, half a day maybe. We arrived in Kuala Lumpur and hastened to our next lodgings for the night. Once again Feliks amazed us with guess what? An Apartment at the KL Plaza Suites which cost us a very little per night! With a great view too! To borrow Putu’s words “what kind of sorcery is this??”








KL PLAZA SUITES – didn’t cost an arm and a leg. Oh, that’s me before I got fat.


We didn’t want to waste time since it was already dark, so we threw our baggage into the apartment and went to our next destination: the “Eye on Malaysia”.


Not so interesting Wiki fact: It began operating in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in 2007. Then it was moved to Malacca in late 2008 and continued operating up to 2010.

By the way, in our way to the Eye on Malaysia, we got lost. Yeah right, L O S T.

How come? Well, we could see the Eye on Malaysia shining brightly faraway, but the roads to it were confusing and D A R K.  Thank God nothing happened.

In case you’re wondering, no, we didn’t take a cab, because you know… for budget reasons (we were college freshmen; what do you expect?).

And we had never been so wrong.

Well friends, a little advice, when it is already dark and you don’t know your way, it is better to take a cab.

After an hour of walk in darkness, we finally arrived at the Eye on Malaysia (Hurray!), bought tickets, waited for a bit for our turn, got in, and were mesmerized by the view, took some picture like all tourist do, and finally got off. The total time spent on the ride was, I am not sure, but maybe 15 – 20 minutes? And apparently we were lucky because if we had arrived a couple of minutes later, the queue would have been closed already.

4 5






Waiting for the ride                                      The price   

6Basically our amazed reaction during the ride





After all of that, with nothing to do since the whole facility was closing, we decided to call it a day and we (finally!) took a cab, not because we were tired and too lazy to walk back to our apartment, we could have, but for safety reasons (Putu is a girl and it was already dark) and also it was more time efficient.


7Waiting for a cab







Then we arrived at the Apartment, but before going in, we decided to walk back a bit along the road we had passed earlier. There were a lot of street vendors selling barbequed PORK. PORK!! I could still smell the aroma of grilled bacon and hear the sizzling noise. The taste? Haha, I love pork, so I am biased here, it was SO DAMN GOOD!

After that little adventure, we got back to the apartment, took a bath and got ready to sleep to prepare for our next day in Malaysia: the giant Genting Island theme park.

Stay tuned for the next story! (pww)







Not enough pillows leads to a pillow fight. What a happy bunch of kids!




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