Walking Around The Hague

Hello there Lovely readers! This time I didn’t do something fancy by riding a bus, train, or plane; just want to share a piece of my time while living in The Hague. I love the tranquillity of this city where the street wasn’t so busy, the environment was so clean, and you could find wild animals chilling around throughout the city, especially birds and ducks!

So, on a fine day, I and my friend took a walk around the city starting from the famous Clingendael Park. I studied in the Clingendael Institute which was located inside the park but I was never actually exploring the whole park that turned out to be very big! The building of the institute was quite near to the entrance and there were ponds, ranch, and ducks to distract me from exploring the park further during the weekdays.5The road to enter the park.6The Clingendael Institute.

There was this particular duck that I called “the Lone Ranger” since he was always away from the flocks and without fear approaching people to ask for bread. Once, I and my friends were waiting for the bus and the Lone Ranger just came to us and asked for food. I could easily spot him after that due to his unique way of looking for food.1That’s the Lone Ranger.2Without fear he asked for bread.3Gottcha!4Huuugs!!! After this he avoided me for a whole week! Hahaha.

Anyway, it might be true that The Hague was home to many beautiful parks, the Clingendael Park was really one of a kind park. It has over 500 years history in which aristocrat family in the area has been adding gardens to the park. Among the gardens, Japanese garden was the most famous and was only opened six weeks in a year.7Posing in front of a river in Clingendael Park.

As we walked deeper into the park, we didn’t notice that we have arrived on the other end of the park. Where were we? We didn’t know. Since we didn’t have anything to do that day, we continued our sightseeing until we found a road sign and decided to go to Scheveningen on foot. It said “Scheveningen 4” but we really didn’t have any idea whether it’s miles or kilometres.8Four. We found a sign and we walk to the direction.

We walked through unfamiliar pathways, away from the roadways. We encountered courts where people were playing some sports. We also saw people riding a horse. People in this country really love to do sports. It’s their culture. I heard most of them are member of a gym or sports club. Most of them own bicycle as well. The bicycles outnumber the population to be exact. Wow!9Getting some sweat in winter.11Walk, walk, walk, it’s 3 more km/mile (?)10I wonder if they are officer or something.12Found this building in the middle of nowhere. It appeared that it has something to do with NATO’s facility.


13Two more km/mile (?)!

It was a looong walk. We usually take a bus to go to Scheveningen – by the way for you who didn’t know Scheveningen is a beach . It was in the middle of winter when we went there, not much to see though.

Moving on to kilometre or miles 1, we finally got back to the roadway, and finally arrived in Scheveningen. 14One more km/mile(?)16Finally, civilization! After being in the middle of nowhere for quite sometime. The pathway we walked through was so quite!18So, this is Scheveningen.

The wind was so strong! I immediately regretted it for not wearing a wind breaker coat. As we predicted, not many people go to the beach on a windy winter day. We had lunch and stroll around the shops, cafes, and buildings around the beach.19We gather here…20To have lunch! 

Before going home, we rode a bus to Kijkduin – another beach close to Scheveningen, and then went home.2322Here was as windy as Scheveningen.24Some souvenirs for the ducks in Clingendael Park.

I kept saying “we” but there was no picture of my friend here. Actually, we took turn to take each other picture, that’s why there is no picture of us together, and we took our picture with our own camera, so we don’t have each other picture. (npa)


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