Toei Kyoto Studio Park: Uzumasa Eigamura

When tourists came to Kyoto, they usually go to temples or Gion districts, as Kyoto was once the capital of Japan in the old times. Kyoto is home to many temples, both Buddist and Shinto, and also the place where Geisha was born, which proof could be found in the Gion districs. That is why tourists usually visit the district in hope to catch a glimpse of the infamous Japan’s traditional artist, the Geisha.

In this writing, I would like to intoduce you to another part of Kyoto. Being famous as an old city, as well as rich in traditional buildings and culture, Kyoto is often used as the setting to film old Japanese movies. To entertain the movies’ fans, they also created a studio park, namely “Uzumasa” that looked a lot like Japan in the Edo Period, with houses, buildings, characters, and everything.

To reach the theme park, the closes train station is the Uzumasa Station in the Keifuku Arashiyama Line in Kyoto. It’s a 5 minutes walk to reach the park from the station.

DSC03293Uzumasa station

Once you entered the park, you will be greeted by some ninja climbing a building discreetly.



Welcome to Uzumasa


The ninja

Don’t bother them as they seem to be in the middle of a mission. Next is a room full of posters of Japanese movies with the Edo period theme, and then you find yourself in a narrow street full of street food vendors. Haven’t had you breakfast yet? You’ll have to wait a little bit longer as the vendors were a fake one, sorry.

After you exited the narrow street, you’ll see a vast area filled with buildings from the Edo Period. There were ghost/mystery house, restaurants, exhibition halls, souvenirs shops, photo shops, replica of the old area of Edo Period such as the Yoshiwara street and Nihonbashi. You shall also find some museums such as optical illusion museum, anime and tokusatsu museum, museum of anything in huge size.

What’s interesting about this place besides the wonderful decorations is the characters walking around the park. Often you way find samurai, ninja, and people wearing kimono. On top of that, there were many people cosplaying as well. Usually as an anime character to take picture in the theme park. If you feel like it, go to a costume shop in the park, they rent cloth for guesses to wear around the park.
In the park, you can also watch some performances. There are studio showing how they created special effect for samurai movie, a studio where they explain information about how the people live, and a drama about samurai.

DSC03478Live drama on the street.

DSC03499DSC03318The samurai was explaining about Katana

DSC03334They showed us how to make effect in the movie

DSC03458Yondaime is looking for Akatsuki!

DSC03312Turns out, they are eating dango here! Haha


If you plan to go to this park,  make sure you check the weather forecast because it’s an outdoor park. Have fun! (npa).


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