After a thrilling and fun boat ride, we ride on an open van to go back to the hotel. We had dinner in the hotel and went out to hunt for more souvenirs. The souvenirs price was a little bit more expensive than in Pokhara. The quality was about the same. Later after hunting souvenirs, we had another dinner in a Japanese restaurant. I had Udon. The presentation of the food was the same with the real one in Japan. The taste is a little bit different but still good.

Had Udon in NepalThe udon I had in Nepal. Eva looked like she wanted some :p

The next morning we had a little bird watch tour. It was a chilly and misty morning. We departed in a small group consists of the 6 of us and some other tourists. The guide brought us to the elephant breeding center where we learned that it took more than 9 months (I forgot the exact time) for the elephant to carry her child before she give birth. We took some pictures and had some leisure and informative time in the breeding center.

DSC09830The elephant in the breeding center.

DSC09827Us and Kumar in the elephant breeding center.

We continue our tour to the forest. Due to the mist, I didn’t see a single bird at all.

DSC09828Instead of bird, we found bug.

Our guide insists on pointing a few birds here and there while explaining to us about the bird he saw. Even with the help of his binocular, I can’t spot any. Our guide commented that we lack eating vegetables that’s why we couldn’t see the birds. (Make sense, I ate udon and tempura last night).

DSC09838The only bird we saw during the bird watching tour.

After the tour, we went back to the hotel. The guide brief us that for those who will be using bus, the bus will be leaving an hour from now. As we chartered our own van, we can have hour time to prepare and didn’t have to rush. After thanking the hotel people for their wonderful hospitality, we walked towards our van. Our bird tour guide has already waiting for us near our van. Kumar said, he will give us an extra tour to the Tharu tribe museum if we’d like to. Wow! Why not?! It’s not in our list, but a little side trip is always welcomed. So we drove the van to the museum which happened to be not so far from the hotel. There are not many people coming to the museum. It was an interesting museum.

The girls and Kumar in front of the Tharu Museum.


DSC09853Inside the Tharu museum.

We learned about the origin of the Tharu tribe. If you remember in our previous writing, the Tharu tribe performed some culture and and dances on our first night in Chitwan. It seemed that the tribe were force to leave their origin in the forest about one hundred year ago by the King because of the plan to reserve the forest.
There were some resistance at that time but in the end all the Tharu tribe are relocated outside the forest. And guess what? It seemed that our tour guide is a part of the Tharu tribe, his name is Mr. Mohan (now I remembered).

DSC09852With Mr. Mohan.

After the tour in the museum, we thanked him and his hospitallity and continue our journey. (npa).


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