Our fail attempt to imitate  yoga pose.
Our fail attempt to imitate yoga pose.

This post is supposed to be our introduction (because that is what first post for, isn’t it?). We are a group of explorers, eaters, planners and of course day-dreamers! Consisting of nine members – who will be contributors and managers of this blog, we are always ready to see a new side of our beautiful planet earth.

You may wonder why we name this blog “Random Travelers”. There is indeed a story behind it. A story which is very easy for you to guess!

We have been friends since college. Back then, not all of us were close friends. Some of us even have just known each other very recently.  Our randomness is what unites us together. It includes our quirky tastes, jokes, and travel destinations. It seems that we are too simple, i.e. we simply want to go anywhere, encounter new people, try unusual things and get lots of experience.

For many, many, many times, we chat on one thing and end up with totally different things – most of the time, it ends up with new travel destinations. There are times when we have no idea how we come up to airplane tickets in our hands while a moment earlier we are just randomly talking about a new place. The awesome thing is that, all of us can agree about various random ideas that transits to our brain though for a second without any fuss. We do not need sophisticated reasons to convince one another. A simple “oh c’mon” even works very effectively!

 Through this blog, we wish to record our randomness. We will write about our travel experiences, tips and reviews. We hope you enjoy reading our page as much as we enjoy writing it. Do keep an eye on this blog for our randomness will surprise you! 🙂

P.S.: As we still feel as if we were in Nepal, we purposely choose “Namaste” to start our first post on this blog. (eff)


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