A night at the End of Universe

It was frickin’ 2 degrees C in Nagarkot with no heater. I set my alarm at 5 AM last night (because we planned to see the sunrise from the Nagarkot Tower at 6.30 AM) and I woke up 30 minutes before, because of the cold feeling on my back, only to find that I was sleeping with my face on the pillow. Everything felt cold – from the bed sheet until the pillow. It must be due to the humid temperature which make the sheets damp. Anyway, at last I got up, went to the toilet and got back into the blanket to continue sleeping. But I couldn’t. It was just too cold! So I browsed around with my cellphone until the alarm rang. I snoozed it and finally went to sleep. I could feel my friend waking up beside me but I was too sleepy and cold to open my eyes. My friend tried to wake the 2 lazy girls (there were 3 of us in the room) but we didn’t budge. She said it was foggy outside. Half-asleep I said with a hoarse voice, “let’s just stay in bed until it’s warmer, we can’t see the sunrise anyway if it’s this foggy. Let’s just view the sunrise from our room.” And in the end we viewed the sun rise from our veranda.

Beautiful twilight when we arrived in Nagarkot.
Beautiful twilight when we arrived in Nagarkot.

Must I admit that I was a little bit disappointed with the weather as I had been expecting a clear weather in the morning so I could catch a nice sun rise and a clear view of the Himalayas from our hotel room. The night before I even planned to take video of the morning views with Coldplay’s Viva la Vida as the background music. Unfortunately I must save this for our next time visit to Nepal (I hope. Who knows We might come back?).

Hotel At the End of the Universe in Nagarkot. A nice place to crash!

We stayed in a budget hotel called “At The End of the Universe”. Epic isn’t it? When my friend first told me about this hotel, I really wanted to spend the night here. So we chose this hotel for our stay in Nagarkot. It’s pretty cheap I think, we got the pent house of the hotel with 360 degree view from our window, 1 bathroom, 1 room with huge bed, 1 very large common room with 3 single beds, and a veranda (don’t imagine the one you might find in 5 stars hotel) for the 6 of us for only 57 USD. It was cheap because we could split the cost with the 6 of us. They have a cozy restaurant just one level under our room with nice and cheap food. You can even use credit card to pay for your room. Too bad we only spent one night there.

Signature dessert of At the End of The Universe. Yumm to fight the cold weather!
Signature dessert of At the End of The Universe. Yumm to fight the cold weather!

Nagarkot is 2 hours away by car from Kathmandu (the capital city of Nepal). It’s a nice place to view the Himalaya especially if you want to see the Sagarmatha (the Nepalis name for Mount Everest). The landscape consists of hills and valleys (many ups and downs) and trees (oh and restaurants, I wonder why they build restaurants in the middle of nowhere along the way to the top of the hill) and the road to go up is pretty narrow. Thanks to our skillful driver, Kumar-i (his name is Kumar but we give him pet name Kumari, you know Kumari? The living Goddess… you don’t know? Well never mind!), we arrived to the hotel safely. Yes, we rented a car to go to Nagarkot since there are 6 of us so we can split the cost. But for you who travels alone, there are tourists bus (many tourists from abroad prefer this) which you can catch from any major city in Nepal to go to Nagarkot. There is also local bus which is commonly used by locals. We passed a few of them along the way but I think it’s a little bit dangerous (the bus was so packed, the passengers even sat on the roof of the bus).

Three pretty girls (yes you are allowed to puke xD) overlooking the majestic Himalaya
Three pretty girls (yes you are allowed to puke xD) overlooking the majestic Himalaya

Nagarkot offers a place for relaxation (by relaxation I mean to stay at your hotel while enjoying your meal or drinking hot chocolates and viewing the Himalaya). So choosing the right hotel is vital to get the best experience of viewing the mountains. I suggest you to visit here on your last days in Nepal to rest your tired bones before going back home. Happy traveling! (npa)


6 thoughts on “A night at the End of Universe

  1. Gulardi

    Well written experience. My suggestion is that you put your name (or any identity) to the article that you write so we know whose point of view is on this article (since you say there are 9 of you).

      1. Hi! Just wanna give a little tip. How about making each of you as contributor? That way you can manage your own posts while telling the readers who’s writing.
        Anyway, nice story. Happy blogging~

      2. Hello Tjoenit!

        Long time no see (in blogging world). Thank you for your input! We have a thought about that too! The problem is we are trying to pool the articles to be edited first. Hence, in the mean time, we will use initial. In the future, I believe that contributors options will be handy. We will make a way for better appearance and writing quality! 🙂

  2. Junior Gedion

    I know who wrote it!!

    Btw guys, I really envy with most of the civilian who had a huge opportunity to go abroad, compare to me, as you can call the nation deffender a.k.a apparatus, that we have a long form of processing in order to travel abroad, that’s why my experience abroad is mostly on my duty (and fortunately paid by the government) to the common countries like Australia, Singapore etc, not that I don’t like it, but there are a lot of places out there in coverage (not to mention the universe)

    Overall honestly I will definitely consider this as one of my travel advice in the future if I have the opportunity to explore the world (really wanna go to south africa though, don’t know why) not as an officer, but as an exhausted traveler..
    Thanks anyway!!

    1. Hi Junior!

      Thanks for reading and commenting too…. You do have an honorable job that allow you to go to many places (not many people have such opportunity). Anyway.. we are glad that you get inspired by our experience. We hope that you will be able to go to where you have been wishing for! Remember, when we really want something, the universe conspires to make it happen. Good luck and believe that there must be a way! 😀

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